Who We Represent

In Nevada there are many local communities in need of help and support. We Cara About Kids Nevada is a coalition of people that represent several groups and therefore several programs have been implemented to ease the lives of those in need. The following programs have been created.

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A beautiful me

In partnership with Renown, MAC, and other local businesses, A Beautiful You is a program offering a “pampering” experience like no other, for women battling or who have battled cancer. This special and unique experience gives these beautiful women an opportunity to be pampered and treated like the queens they are and deserve to be!

american veteran enterprises 

America’s Veterans program is an educational and employment based program that offers our veterans the opportunity to become certified and employed in various rewarding careers. With support from the University of Nevada Reno and Cornell University, we are proud to offer educational programs in Sports Management and Agriculture! Our employment opportunities vary from office management, radio broadcasting, and human resources. We Care About Kids Nevada has teamed up with Trident University, to provide online classes to American’s Veteran’s at no cost! For more information on Trident University or to get more information on which programs are being offered call (775) 848-7096.

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Brett foundation

The Brett Foundation offers support, resources, and educational therapy tools for children (with Autism and other neurological disorders) and their family members, who may be waiting to receive ABA services/therapy or would like to learn more about ABA therapy. Accessing ABA services and resources can be costly and time consuming. For those reasons, the Brett Foundation has created the “Lending Library” offering a plethora of ABA approved therapy activities and resources, to help families move forward in helping their children succeed in and out of the classroom. A long with the Lending Library, the Brett Foundation in partnership with Easter Seals of Nevada and their team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and RBT’s (Registered Behavioral Technicians) will be offering classes/training’s to families and professionals, who wish to learn more about ABA therapy, Autism, and strategies on challenging behaviors.